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1 Month Vegan Challenge 2.0.

Samantha and Laura, both 41-year old moms with two kids, decided to try vegan for 1 month. After just 1 week, Laura shed 2 pounds by sticking to the program.

But on week 2, after a night out with friends, Laura ate a chicken kabab and it was all over from there.

Samatha was strict from Day1

On the other hand, Samantha took on the 1-month vegan challenge and after just 2 weeks her energy levels significantly improved, she felt much lighter, her skin was much clearer and she even dropped 3 inches off her waistline… in just a few weeks.

Samantha managed to stick to the 1-month vegan challenge.  As a result, she completely changed her eating habits within 4 weeks.

With no mistakes or relapses, she felt unstoppable and healthier than ever before.

Reasons To Go Vegan

1 Month Vegan Challenge 2.0 Southport Wedding Photographer

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